Boutique Interior Design Can Provide Vintage Beauty in Your Home

Boutique Interior DesignBoutique interior design is a special kind of interior design. If you want your home to have that haute couture look – made famous in the fashion communities of the world – then employing an interior designer that specializes in boutique interior design is a great choice.

When your home is designed in this way you’ll notice that all of the small details are the most creative part of your home. Oftentimes there will be very ornate details incorporated into your design scheme. This will often include painted wooden vanities, tables, bed tables, chairs, velvet curtains, oriental carpets, and elegant vintage looking chairs and ottomans. The look that will be created will be quite French Victorian, and elegant, with a modern flair. If this sounds like something that you would like for one room – or for several rooms – in your home, then you should consider boutique interior design.

Many designers that design with the boutique style have a fashion background. This could be that they have experience designing clothing and jewelry, or that they used to work in the retail field. They usually have a love for classic Hollywood makeup, hair styles, and home decor. You’ll find that designers like this will have impeccable taste and excellent ideas, that usually tend to lean towards the feminine. In many instances design like this is not appropriate for your entire home – especially if you have a family with sons, or live with a man. One or two rooms is probably best. Creating an overwhelmingly feminine look throughout your home a whole home is not a good idea, if you have men that live there.

There are many ideas that can come from a boutique interior design theme. You can definitely play up the fluffy, floral, and velvet aspects of it with pinks, pale blues, yellows, and white painted furniture. But you can also look at it from a different angle, and feature furniture that is classic, finished wood, with dark velvet, and elegant. This furniture would look best with darker color oriental rugs.